Decoration franchises

Franchises decoration are declined through a variety of concepts. Here are some examples of steps decorated franchise.

Decorating franchises are not content to offer product displays for interior design. Often, they also offer a quality service, which requires a selection of incredibly focused, or additional benefits. decoration franchises push customer service at the highest level, and thus obtain an assured success.

A franchise as decoration Socoo'c gives such a boost to the field of kitchen design, by making available to its customers a 3d software, that records 90 models of kitchens, 60 opportunities for different finishes , and 100 appliances. The customer can customize their choice of cuisine, and immediately see the result of options selected. The relief decoration Socoo'c is so successful that it plans to open by 2010 in 50 stores in France.

Other franchises are decorated innovative. SGO (Stained Glass Overlay) has developed a barrier such patented technology that allows its franchisees to create real windows or decorations on all types of glass including mirrors and shower doors. Inventory has specialized in the furniture market high-end ... sold at discount prices. Finally, franchises decoration or as Camille Bertrand House and reflection are noteworthy for the unique style and very strong collections on display.

The franchises are decorated very popular with consumers for consultancy services and customization they develop, not found in traditional shops.