Franchises in Canada

Franchising in Canada is particularly thriving. Indeed, this country is recognized as one of the franchise in the world per capita. There are about 1300 and franchise systems, and not less than 76 000 locations ... The franchise in Canada is often cited as an example in this area, currently employing more than one million Canadians.

Exemptions allow Canada, as elsewhere; individuals own their own store, where they can invest with relative autonomy, but without taking extreme risks. Indeed, any franchise in Canada is supported by logistics and brand advertising which it depends.

But what are the franchises in Canada? The franchise service business occupies about 25% of the Canadian market. It is then brokerage or corporate creations carrier. The restaurant chains are second in the franchise in Canada, with 9% of franchises to restore traditional and 17% for fast food. Found in this area known as signs, of course, Lina's or McDonald's. Finally, the franchise in Canada is also the car (rental or sale), real estate, personal services, or traditional commerce, including all items imaginable, from bedding to consumer products in supermarkets.

To open a franchise in Canada, access to information is extremely simplified. Many directories are proposing to identify the franchisors seeking new locations. You can then search by geographical area, activity or amount of personal contribution in order to have a glance of franchises in Canada likely to appeal to new entrepreneurs ...